More Asian Activity

More Asian Activity


In line with the plans by Oasis to be a major supplier and supporter of telecommunication companies in Asia, we are pleased to announce our latest Asian customer, Bangladesh based E.B. Solutions Ltd. EBS has used Oasis services and solutions in the past, so this is not really a new customer in so much as a renewed customer. More than 45 million subscribers in Bangladesh are supported with the use of Oasis Systems’ products and services.

E.B. Solutions Ltd. also known as EBS started its operations in 2004 focusing on software solutions integrated into complex hardware and since then has evolved into one of the leading Value Added Service providers (VASP) and content providers (CP) in the Local Bangladesh Telecom Industry, and also stepping into ventures with international companies in local and foreign markets.

Oasis has a strong and growing sales and technical presence team in Asia, with offices in both Malaysia and Thailand and planned offices in Singapore and Vietnam. This ensures that not only are local MVNO’s and MNO’s provided with the industry’s best technology and innovations, but advice, assistance and support from the most experienced technical and commercial teams in the region.

The Oasis and EBS relationship is fostered by our relationship with Tecnomic Systems Pte Ltd, headquartered in Singapore, which is a trusted regional demand creation distributor in South East Asia and India for some of the leading brands in the global electronic component industry.

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