Our MVNE / xVNE system “Oasis Connect”, is a purpose built, scalable and versatile multi-tenanted Pre-Paid IN MVNE platform capable of hosting multiple MVNO customers, each with their own unique feature & product requirements to support and grow their customer base.

End-customers supported on the Oasis Connect solution may vary between a basic pre-paid / post-paid offering, to a feature rich boutique operator appealing to a specific targeted market.

Key features of Oasis Connect:

  • Real-time call processing of voice, data & messaging events
  • Flexible pre-paid rating engine
  • Advanced post-paid billing
  • Customizable product catalogue
  • Voucher management system supporting electronic and physical vouchers
  • SIM and Customer provisioning system
  • Electronic recharge gateway interfaces
  • Automatic account top up
  • Customer web portal for self service
  • Customer IVR interface
  • Customer management CRM interface
  • MVNO management portal
  • Data export engine
  • External API for 3rd party systems
  • Discounts and loyalty programs
  • Mediation
  • & more!


Because of Oasis’s history of developing revenue generating platforms and systems for mobiles, fleets, voice, video, broadband, internet, and all manner of devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops, we have always been an active participant in the Internet of Things (IoT), which refers to the ever-growing network of physical objects that feature an IP address for internet connectivity, and the communication that occurs between these objects and other Internet-enabled devices and systems. Our specialty has always been in showing our customers how to generate and grow sales and revenues from billing and analysing the transactions across these networks.

Oasis is an extremely experienced IoT and MVNO enabler. Headquartered in Australia, with offices in Asia and Europe, and an increasing number of regional customer support offices. Oasis has been enabling companies with IoT and Mobility ambitions since 1988 (before the term IoT was conceived) with a broad portfolio of products and services, and currently ensures reliable service for millions of devices and their subscribers worldwide

Safe, secure, agile, full-service, rapid-deliver, technically-savvy and profit-oriented. We own our technology which spans the entire IoT/Mobile spectrum from core network (SIMs, GGSN/PGW, OCS/PCRF, HLR/HSS) to business support tools (Management Portal and APIs) from new entry operators to multinationals. Our real-time solutions are less expensive, more flexible and adaptable, allowing our customers to easily interact with every end-user or device including diagnostics, analytics, reports and documentation.

What sets Oasis apart from competition are the simple facts that our customers benefit from our pioneering experience, continuous research and innovative product development, modular or integrated solutions as appropriate. The fact is that we provide end-to-end telco-grade solutions with a strong focus on tailor-made customer facing elements (branded self-care portals, retail invoicing etc). We don’t limit ourselves to thinking in standard solutions, see our Strategic Business Planning for more on our unique methods. Oasis’s customers include tier-1 MNOs, CableCos, Telcos, Banks, Supermarkets, OEMs.


Please contact us for information on our BSS product suite.

Carrier Network Access

The Oasis Packet Data Network product suite operates in 3G/4G/LTE/Wifi networks:

  • GPRS Support Node (GGSN)
  • Packet Data Network Gateway (PGW)
  • Wireless Access Gateway (TWAG/ePDG)
  • Traffic Monitor (DPI Analytics)
  • Traffic Filter (DPI based packet classification and filtering)

Legal Interception

The Oasis Lawful Interception (LI) product suite allow carriers to real-time intercept communications and deliver associated information to law enforcement agencies in line with the relevant ETSI standards. Oasis LI Management System (LIMS) can be integrated into the network via a passive tap, hence without any disruption to existing services.

  • Standards based – allows integration to 3rd party interfaces
  • Interception probes exist for a wide range of protocols and communication channels
  • Adheres to industry security standards

Media Server

Oasis extensive portfolio of media products allows service providers, operators and carriers to deploy complete standalone or custom solutions into their networks. 

Supports multiple technologies including WebRTC – a technology for embedding communications in web browsers and mobile applications.


Oasis’s IMS network components and services enable a MNO to cost-effectively implement an IMS network supporting both VoLTE and VoWiFi services.